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Emmanuel  Missionary  Baptist  Church  had its beginning on March 25, 1984, when a group of some twenty-five men and women met at the home of Sister Vivian Savage and decided to unite as a Christian family under the name of Progressive Christian Fellowship. 

The Fellowship was not intended to be a permanent structure for the group, but rather an interim step to the establishment of a missionary baptist church.  The Fellowship progressed steadily and on June 1, 1984,
the newly organized congregation selected to name the church EMMANUEL and called Reverend Melvin Haynes, Jr. to be Pastor.


The triumph of Emmanuel  Missionary  Baptist  Church  has immense historical significance and similarity to that of Christianity. They both began with a small group of faithful men and women and then expanded vigorously.  Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church and Christianity moved toward its ultimate victory as a movement of people around the man we call Jesus – a single charismatic teacher. This is a truly remarkable phenomenon and definitely a miracle of perseverance.  We at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church should be very proud of our accomplishment.


During the past twenty-three years, Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church has received many blessings including, but not limited to, construction site in 1985, transportation, nursing home outreach service, tutorial program, financial support and charitable contributions, parking lot expansion, a fellowship park, initiation of various ministries and programs as well as an increase in membership; one being that of our current pastor, Reverend Erick W. Evans, Sr., who was installed this past year. 


In the New Testament stories, it is clearly revealed that Jesus was preparing his disciples for a level of leadership and spiritual knowledge that was not yet revealed to the throngs of people who crowded to hear Him speak.  Emmanuel  Missionary Baptist Church has found that kind of leader in Reverend Erick W. Evans, Sr.

Pastor Evans’ mission to teach Christianity and the word of God at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church is done in an extraordinary way.  He has a vision to “equip saints for worship.” Pastor Evans’ leadership is propagated through the service of love and the development of our families and communities.  A sense of community is his greatest strength and conviction in deliverance is his driving force.  These are just a few astonishing things about our Pastor.  His impact has resonated throughout Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church.




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